ACOG Guidelines

Our Round Rock obgyns follow ACOG guidelines

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is the primary professional organization for women’s healthcare. This group issues ACOG guidelines that address wellness care, screening tests, and the diagnosis and treatment of problems.

Our Round Rock obgyns are all fellows of ACOG, meaning they are “board-certified obgyns whose professional activities are devoted to the practice of obstetrics and/or gynecology, who possess unrestricted licenses to practice medicine and have attained high ethical and professional standing.”1

ACOG guidelines address important women’s health issues

ACOG committees meet to develop ACOG guidelines about obstetrics and gynecology. Our Round Rock obgyns follow these professional guidelines to ensure that patients receive the care recommended by experts and our physicians’ peers.

For example, ACOG guidelines about breast cancer screening continue to recommend annual mammograms for women at age 40, in addition to clinical breast examinations. Some organizations do not recommend mammograms beginning at age 40, but the experienced obgyns at ACOG believe that yearly testing starting at age 40 offers better outcomes for early detection.

New research shows that women do not need a yearly Pap smear. ACOG guidelines incorporate suggested changes based on this research and committee recommendations.

  • Women age 21 and younger. No Pap test
  • Women ages 21 to 29. Pap test every three years
  • Women ages 30 to 65. Preferably, co-testing every five years, including a Pap test and an HPV test, or a Pap test only every three years
  • Women who are age 65 and older. No Pap test if the patient has had two negative co-tests in a row within the last ten years, her most recent test occurred in the past five years or she has had three consecutive negative Pap tests

Our Round Rock obgyns treat each patient as an individual

ACOG guidelines provide our Round Rock obgyns with a framework for treatment and diagnosis, but women can rely on the fact that our physicians treat every woman as an individual and base their treatment plans on a woman’s overall state of health, age and risk factors.

For example, some women with certain risk factors or a family history may need to begin having mammograms earlier than age 40. Our physicians treat each patient according to her needs.

Our physicians are highly trained professionals

Beth Thai MD, Rebecca Teng MD and Brenda Chao MD are professionals who surround themselves with expert advice from other ACOG members and the ACOG guidelines to ensure that their patients receive the most up-to-date care. Our Round Rock obgyns provide compassionate, skilled care for all ages and stages of a woman’s life. Contact us for an appointment.


Annual Wellness Services

  • Well Women Exams
  • Health Screenings and History
  • Getting ready for pregnancy
  • Nutrition and Weight
  • Heart Health
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations
  • Calcium Supplements +D
  • General Wellness
  • PMS
  • Adolescent Well care

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