Talking to Your Teen about Sex

Talking to Your Teen about Sex


5 things to address when talking to your teen about sex

Talking to Your Teen about SexOur Round Rock obgyns understand that as a parent you may feel uncomfortable talking to your teen about sex, but it’s important. A survey conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy showed that “…teens report that their parents have the greatest influence over their decisions about sex – more than friends, siblings or the media.”¹

Important Statistics about Teens and Sex

  • The average teen has sexual intercourse for the first time at age 17.
  • 44% of unmarried females and 49% of unmarried males between ages 15 and 19 have had sex.
  • 79% of females used contraceptives the first time they had sex.

*Statistical information from:

Talking to your teen about sex is not a one-time thing

Make the conversations relaxed and part of everyday life; for example, use situations you see in a television show or hear on the radio as jumping off points for talking to your teen about sex. Try to listen and comment without judgment so they will want to talk with you again. If it makes you uncomfortable, tell them how you feel – they are probably uncomfortable, too. But the more you talk frankly and openly, the easier it will be.

Five important areas to address with your teen

  1. Healthy relationships

    Discuss physical and mental abuse when talking to your teen about sex. Tell your teen they should never allow anyone to pressure them into sexual behaviors of any kind.

  2. Risky behaviors

    Illegal drugs and alcohol use can lead to unsafe sex, as well as put teens in situations in which they may be forced into sexual behavior against their will.

  3. Contraception

    Many parents think that talking to their teen about contraception encourages sexual behavior, but talking to your teen about sex should naturally include a discussion of contraception methods.

  4. Preventing sexually transmitted infections

    Since we know that teens do have sex, it’s also important to talk to them about safer sex and sexually transmitted diseases, or STIs. This includes how to use a condom, which is the only way, other than total abstinence, to decrease the risk of STIs.

  5. Sexual health

    Most teens dread the thought of seeing a gynecologist. As a parent, you can help alleviate their fears, and talk to them about the importance of life-long sexual health and seeing their obgyn for an annual wellness exam.

We know that talking to your teen about sex is a difficult thing to do, and if you need advice, please talk with our Round Rock obgyns. We are capable of providing effective adolescent gynecology services. Contact us.


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