Prenatal Tests

Performing prenatal tests enables our Round Rock OBGYNs to monitor your health throughout pregnancy

Every pregnancy plan includes prenatal tests. Our Round Rock OBGYNs perform certain tests as a routine part of prenatal care, while other prenatal tests are performed as needed for patients with a high risk pregnancy or pregnancy complications. Testing is an important component of prenatal care because the results provide us with vital information about the health of both you and your baby.

Prenatal tests during the first trimester

During your first prenatal visit, our Round Rock OBGYNs perform several prenatal tests.

  • CBC, or complete blood count, checks for many factors, including hemoglobin levels, which tells us whether or not a patient is anemic.
  • Urinalysis lets us know if a patient has a urinary tract infection or signs of diabetes.
  • Blood work determines blood type, whether or not you have the Rh, or Rhesus factor, and immune status for chicken pox and rubella.
  • Prenatal tests also look for signs of infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B.

Our Round Rock OBGYNs may also discuss prenatal screening tests with you that can detect genetic conditions. These include first trimester screening; non-invasive prenatal testing and carrier screening.

Second trimester prenatal tests

During the second trimester, you will not have very many prenatal tests; in fact, most women will only have one routine test—Quad Screen in 2nd TM performed 24 to 28 weeks.  28 weeks considered 3rd TM, when most test at that time. If you test positive during this test, you will need to have to have a glucose tolerance test to determine whether or not you have pre-gestational diabetes.

Third trimester prenatal tests

During the third trimester, our Round Rock OBGYNs usually perform two prenatal tests. The group B streptococcus test is important for every patient. It is performed between 35-36 weeks to determine whether or not the bacteria that causes this dangerous infection to infants is present in your body.

The second test is only for patients who tested Rh negative during the first trimester test. The Rh antibodies test is performed at 28 weeks and determines whether or not your body is producing antibodies.

Our Round Rock OBGYNs provide compassionate, comprehensive prenatal care

From your first prenatal visit to the delivery, our Round Rock OBGYNs work hard to give you and your baby the best pregnancy and birth experience. Prenatal tests are an important part of your pregnancy plan. Contact us today for more information about your healthy pregnancy.

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