Obstetrics Terminology

Obstetrics Terminology


The ABCs of pregnancy and birth – Obstetrics terminology you should know

The ABCs of pregnancy and birth – Obstetrics terminology you should knowFrom preconception planning to labor and delivery, learning more about obstetrics terminology will help you understand every step of your pregnancy journey. Our Round Rock obgyns and staff always try to provide explanations that are easy to understand, but during your pregnancy, it also helps to be familiar with certain abbreviations.

Obstetrics terminology used during pregnancy, labor and delivery

Obstetrics terminology is the jargon that medical personnel use to describe various stages of a woman’s pregnancy. Here are some terms that will help increase your understanding.

ACOG is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which is a professional organization that is dedicated to improving women’s health.

Afterbirth is the membranes and placenta that your uterus expels after you give birth.

Braxton Hicks contractions feel like labor pains, but they are false contractions that occur when the abdominal muscles tighten, but the cervix doesn’t dilate.

Crowning is when your baby’s head appears at the vaginal opening.

Dilation occurs as your cervix opens to make room for the baby to pass through, going from zero centimeters to fully dilated at 10 centimeters.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when your fertilized embryo fails to implant in the uterine lining, but attaches somewhere outside the uterus, usually in the Fallopian tube.

Effacement means that the cervix is thinning during labor, allowing it to stretch enough for your baby to pass through.

Induction is the obstetrics terminology our Round Rock obgyns use when they decide that they need to use medications or other methods to speed up your labor.

Linea nigra is a dark line that extends from your navel to your pubic area during pregnancy.

Mucus plug is a plug made of a gelatinous substance that seals your cervix. You expel the plug when you are ready to deliver your baby.

Quickening occurs when you first feel your baby move, usually at about 18 to 22 weeks.

VBAC is obstetrics terminology for a vaginal birth after cesarean section.

Our Round Rock obgyns and staff always welcome your questions

Our compassionate, dedicated staff and Round Rock obgyns believe in patient education. We encourage patients to ask questions about obstetrics terminology at any time. Contact us for comprehensive obstetrics care and get your family off to a healthy start.

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