Your First Visit to the Gynecologist

Your First Visit to the Gynecologist


3 things you should honestly share at your first visit to the gynecologist

Our Round Rock obgyns understand that you’ll probably be nervous at your first visit to the gynecologist. All of our physicians are women, and we’re here to provide you with professional and compassionate women’s healthcare in a private, confidential environment.

At your first visit to the gynecologist, one of our main goals is getting to know the real you. We will discuss your menstrual cycle, physical health issues and your medical history, but we also need to have a frank conversation about some subjects you may not normally discuss with other adults.

At your first visit to the gynecologist, the information you provide is important

We aren’t here to judge your behavior. We’re here to help you be your best self. With that in mind, there are three things we would like to discuss honestly with you.

  1. Your sexual history

    We understand that you may be hesitant to share this information with us, but it’s important for us to learn about your sexual history at your first visit to the gynecologist.

    • Are you sexually active, including having oral, anal or vaginal sex?
    • Do you protect yourself against STI’s, or sexually transmitted infections, each time you have intercourse?
  2. Your social behavior

    We care about your social history because we care about you. Tell us if you use recreational drugs or alcohol, of if you smoke. Your first visit to the gynecologist helps us get a clear picture of your daily life and whether or not you are engaging in risky behaviors that may adversely affect your health.

  3. Your emotional health

    Teenagers have complicated lives. We want to hear about it if you feel depressed, anxious or concerned about your body image. It’s equally important for you to tell us if you are a victim of dating violence or bullying. All these issues affect your health.

Our Round Rock obgyns want your first visit to the gynecologist to be a positive experience. With your help, we will form a lasting and meaningful partnership. Contact us today for an appointment.

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